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Learning Rep Summer 2020

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New Member Learning Webinars this Summer

UNISON has arranged three online workshops for members with YGAM (Young Gamblers & Gamers Education Trust) .

YGAM is a UK charity and will be delivering the online training sessions. This is aimed at members working with young people, from primary aged children to young adults.

It is designed to equip you with the knowledge and resources to inform, educate and safeguard the young people you work with about gaming and gambling.

There are sessions for members who work as:

  • youth workers (21 July)
  • social workers (28 July)
  • primary school support staff (3 August)
  • secondary school support staff (12 August)

If you wish to sign up, will need access to a computer or tablet.                                                      The sessions are 90 minutes long and their aim is to:

  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of gaming and gambling-related harm in the UK
  • Support you with information on how to spot the signs of gaming and gambling-related harm
  • Provide details of where to signpost young people experiencing harm

Following the session you will receive (from YGAM):

  • A YGAM certificate of attendance
  • A digital copy of the YGAM In The Know Booklet
  • Access to other resources and materials

To register please click on this link and complete the form;

If you you would like more information contact your UNISON ULRs;  &

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Bereavement Awareness Workshops for UNISON members

This is a follow up workshop on bereavement awareness for social care staff run by Cruse Bereavement Care on   14th July10.15am

This is open to any UNISON member, but places are limited. Anyone who wishes to sign up, will need access to a computer or tablet and the workshop will last 2 ½ hours. The training will allow you to;

  • Reflect on the grieving process and gain an understanding of current models that help them understand the impact of grief and bereavement on them
  • Become aware of the impact of loss and bereavement on families
  • Consider, through their own understanding of the impact of loss, the ways they may take care of themselves and other individuals following bereavement
  • Consider skills relevant to their role to help them improve how they communicate with bereaved people during this crisis
  • Develop an awareness of support organisations, and how and when to seek further support or advise others to, including an understanding of the boundaries of their roles.

To register please click on this link and complete the form;

If you you would like more information contact your UNISON ULRs;  &

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Demystifying Free Online Learning

UNISON Branch Coventry would like to share information about some of the free online learning websites on offer, including pros and cons to help members choose which course provider would suit them best, courtesy of TUC  Unionlearn.

Please click on the links to the various websites.


KAKhan Academy –

DUDuolingo –

OU 2

OpenLearn –


FUFutureLearn –

CSCoursera –


GCFGCFLearnFree –


ALAlison – https://alison.



National Numeracy –

For further information or questions on courses or about how to sign up contact learning reps.   and

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Improving your everyday skills – online

UNISON and partner organisations are continuing to provide members with a wide range of courses through its Education & Learning site. If you feel you are struggling in any way, and or would like to improve the everyday skills like English, maths or IT then please do not hesitate to contact your Union Learning Representatives; 

Everyday skills will help you in your work life and your personal life, here’s a selection of resources to help you do that from home or in your workplace.

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ONLINE Mental Health Awareness 24th June- 10am-1.00pm

UNISON have a new online version of the Mental Health Awareness course for all UNISON members in the West Midlands region.24157_mentalhealth_web

This course is aimed at anyone who would like an introduction into understanding mental health. It will help participants understand main mental health problems that people face and provide a basic insight in to the experience of having mental distress. Time will also be spent considering some misconceptions associated with mental health. Upon completion participants will take revised awareness back in to the workplace.

The course is provided in partnership with the Open University via video conferencing software. Participants will need access to a tablet or computer for the duration of the course.  It will be led in real time by a qualified Open University tutor and there will be a 20 minute break.                                                                                                                                    There are 18 places available on 24th June 10am-1pm

Members can apply online at the followinglink

Or contact branch ULR reps for a form and return to

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Online Workshops for Primary School Support Staff

UNISON West Midlands has arranged a 2 day online workshops aimed at UNISON members working within support roles in primary schools. Teaching assistants or members who support children and teachers in primary​ schools who wish to apply for the workshops must be available for both parts one and two on 23rd and 25th June   10am – 12 pm.

The course is provided in partnership with the Open University and will be held on Zoom. Participants will need access to a computer or tablet for the duration of the workshops. There are 16 places available.

 Members can apply online at the following link

Or contact branch ULR reps for a form and return to   and

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More ways to access online learning

unison open learn

We continue our regular updates of the courses that are available online, with this brilliant resource from Open Learn. As you will see, this is a great resource with many different courses available. Why not see if this anything you like?



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Doing a course? UNISON may be able to help

Learning grant May 2020

With many people having more time at home, there has been an enormous surge in sign ups to online courses. Many learning providers report big increases in the numbers of people taking part in many different courses. From ‘just for fun’ to studying for qualifications, there is never a bad time to develop yourself and for learning new skills.

UNISON have operated a brilliant scheme for a number of years where members can apply for a Learning Grant of up to £300 from the union. There are a number of qualifications – for example the course must start in 2020 and you need to paying the fees yourself as well. A full list of what you need to do can be found here.

If you want more information about this, please contact the branch Learning Reps Suki and Paul by emailing office(at)  (replacing (a) with @)

To access a full range of learning resources from UNISON, click here for the Learning and Organising section of the union website.

Not a member yet? Then join us!






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TUC Webinar: Tackling Isolation

Being isolated, whether you are working from home or staying at home, is different for everyone. Some people are fine with this but others may be experiencing isolation which could have a detrimental effect on their mental health. This can affect anyone under these current conditions.

The welfare of working people is trade union business. Mental health is an important issue to trade unions and there are support mechanisms in place to help tackle isolation. If you are struggling, tell somebody, speak to your union representative.

Social interaction is very important, stay in contact with friends and family colleagues. This can be done online through social media websites or applications or if you do not have the internet you can telephone or send a text message. Stay in touch with your work colleagues – create or join an online social group with your work mates.

If you are experiencing difficulty setting up a social media account, you can go to the You Tube channel, this has lots of tutorials and will help you to set up an account, just type in ‘how to’ and the name of the social media network for example Twitter or WhatsApp. If you struggle with IT and you need help with computer skills, learnmyway offers for basic IT courses which are free. Make sure you choose a device you find easy to use for example, you may prefer a tablet to a laptop computer.

Talk to your neighbours, people generally do not want to impose so make the first move, maintaining the two metre distance, help an elderly neighbour with their shopping or garden, offer to help out in your community.

Stay active, take regular exercise, take care of your environment- this can be gardening and go for walks. There are free online classes for example the NHS website offer beginners classes in yoga, pilates and keep fit. This will help to maintain a sense of wellbeing and from feeling detached.

Other ways to overlook isolation is to have a schedule, plan what you want to do for the day, try and avoid too much news at the moment. Watch programmes you enjoy, listen to music, join an online quizz team, a singing group, read a book or download an ebook, join a creative writing class – do activities that interest you. Take up an old hobby or start new one, learn a language or an instrument – there are lots of online tutorials, look at courses, this might be something you would like to continue after this lockdown.

Learning has a massive impact to tackle isolation. If you have been away from learning for a long time, online course providers like Futurelearn have forums or chat boards where you can talk with other learners alternatively, speak to your union learning representative for guidance and support.

We have compiled a list of online resources;

Other useful websites:

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