Winter issue of Learning Rep magazine now available

Winter issue of Learning Rep magazine now available


The latest issue of Learning Rep magazine is out now. The Winter edition provides updates from across the trade union movement about learning, education and development. It can be accessed on the UnionLearn website by clicking here.

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New issue of Learning Rep magazine out now

New issue of Learning Rep magazine out now

Autumn union rep magazine

The new issue of Learning Rep magazine is out now, packed full of learning and education news and updates from unions around the country. You can access a copy by visiting here

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Cutting the cost of learning with UNISON

Cutting the cost of learning with UNISON 


As a trade union UNISON believes that learning, education and training for our members is very important. We have agreed a range of discounts on a whole host of courses, from many different providers.

Our national website has a dedicated section for learning, and you can view it by clicking here. In this section you will find a whole host of information, including how UNISON is cutting the cost of learning.

This includes courses with the National Extension College, Open College of the Arts, e-Careers, University of Wolverhampton and more. There are many different subjects and levels, such as GCSEs, A-levels, degrees as well as learning for the enjoyment of it. With subjects such as project management, languages and IT to name but a few, it is well a look to see what is available and what discounts there are.

Get in touch if you want more information –


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Get your applications in for the £200 Learning Grant

Get your applications in the for £200 Learning Grant


We are again starting to publicise the fantastic £200 Learning Grant that is available from UNISON. Recent years have seen a growing number of members in Coventry benefit from this financial award, to help towards the cost of their courses.

Applying is straightforward – there is a short application form and we are happy to help with further advice! To receive a form, which details some of the criteria for receiving the award please email us on

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Visit the UNISON Learning website

Visit the UNISON Learning website


UNISON have produced a new website, which focuses specifically on learning and education for both activists and members. The website has sections on training, national courses, financial support for members, learning online – as well as how to contact your branch education team. It is well worth a browse to see what the union has to offer, and how you can go about accessing it.

You can visit the UNISON Learning website by clicking here. 


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Unionlearn and mental health in the workplace

Unionlearn and mental health in the workplace

mental health union learn

The following is an article by Keith Hatch from the Unionlearn website looking at a new project around the issue of mental health in the workplace. If you are interested in the issues that are raised, please get in touch.

We have just completed Mental Health Awareness Week, and figures released by the Mental Health Foundation make pretty grim reading. Three in four Britons have been so stressed over the last year that they have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope, stress has resulted in one in three people being left feeling suicidal, whilst one in six have self-harmed as a direct result.

The report highlighted the views of mental health experts who said “the huge number of people affected should prompt employers, NHS staff and ministers to do more to reduce stress’s debilitating effects and provide more help.”

While there is undoubtedly a range of factors contributing to individual mental health, it is clear that the workplace has huge potential either to promote or to undermine mental well-being.

It is against this growing concern and increasing body of evidence that unionlearn has been developing a “Good Work and Mental Well-being Project”. This is to give union reps the tools to recognise mental health issues at work, and be able to signpost colleagues to find support.

Good work supports mental well-being for everyone, and the unionlearn project aims to explore and develop workplaces that generate positive mental health and well-being for all through productive and engaging work.

The role of trade union representatives could be critical firstly, in negotiating policies with the employer that reduced the risk of workplace mental health issues arising, but then, if they happened, in trying to ensure that those affected could access appropriate support and remain in employment.

Some of the key project themes include raising awareness, promoting change, Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) and rethinking job design and work organisation.

There is already a high level of union engagement in mental health initiatives, reflecting the growing importance of this issue. The unionlearn mental well-being offer will complement and support unions work in this area and, through the MHFA training, help build union capacity to grow and develop further their mental health work.

The unionlearn mental well-being offer to unions will cover a broad range of activities starting with awareness raising sessions and MHFA training and also include ways tp promote positive mental well-being workplaces, provide advice and guidance to unions on mental health and assist unions to develop workplace union mental health action plans.

TUC/unionlearn has already produced a number of very useful resources that help reps get to grips with the issues. These range from publications such as the Mental health and the workplace workbook and mini guides, to a learning theme on the unionlearn Climbing Frame, webinars and eNotes. There is a mental well-being initial assessment being developed for SkillCheck.

MHFA will be an integral part of the support that unionlearn will offer. The workplace mental health training programme teaches participants how to notice and support people who may be experiencing a mental health issue and provide appropriate help.

Unionlearn delivery of MHFA training will ensure that the role that unions play in supporting members with mental health issues is recognised, along with the key support unions offer to help prevent problems, especially those related to stress, bullying, harassment, workload etc.

We aim to train a cohort of unionlearn mental health first aid instructors that can deliver training sessions to union reps, enabling them to raise awareness of mental health issues in the workplace.

More details on the unionlearn project will be publicised over the coming months, and there will be dedicated Mental Health at Work sessions in autumn’s regional Supporting Learners events to ensure union learning reps know about the support on offer.

Mental health issues at work is something that can affect anyone and have an impact beyond the individual concerned – but is also something that union reps are in a perfect position to raise awareness of and offer help.

We are convinced that the new unionlearn project will give reps the support they need.

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Latest issue of Learning Rep magazine out now

Latest issue of Learning Rep magazine out now

Spring Learning Rep magazine

The latest issue of Learning Rep magazine is out now. Produced by UnionLearn and the TUC, it has the latest news, views and reports from around the country written by union activists involved in education and learning.

You can download the magazine by clicking here or visiting the UnionLearn website.


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