Lifelong Learning Steering Group

Lifelong Learning Steering Group

Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council

Every 6 weeks or so your Unison Learning Reps attend something called the Lifelong Learning Steering Group (LLSG). This is a forum involving trade unions, Workforce Development, officers from HR and Adult Education. Officers from areas such as Occupational Health and IT have also attended.

At these meetings we discuss many issues and aspects of learning, education and training at Coventry City Council. We receive reports on the numbers of people that have undertaken training, what type of training is taking place and how we can improve further the opportunities that staff have for development.

If you have issues in your area that you would like us to raise please get in touch. We can be contacted using the emails below. It is a possibility that if you have something for us to raise it may be more appropriate at your local level, however we can also advise on this.

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  1. Chris says:

    Received. Does this get a permanent place on the site – I think it should.

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