UNISON comes to Whitley!

UNISON comes to Whitley!


Coventry UNISON believes that Whitley depot and Fullwood remain the areas where issues around training and development, low skill levels and basic understanding of equality have fallen short of where we would all like them to be.  This has led to a working environment with a culture of poor industrial relations and bad practice across the whole department.

UNISON has tried on previous occasions to make some headway in terms of learning initiatives: i.e. bitesize learning, but with limited success.  Creating a successful learning environment (a learning zone) would be hugely beneficial both to our members and the Council.

How do we create that learning environment?

  • There are no short term easy answers, but working together on initiatives with interested parties like UNISON, workforce development, adult education and the library service will be a step in the right direction.
  • One off events have failed in the past. UNISON believes that introducing computers (laptops) and holding more regular training sessions could start to break down the barriers at the depot throughout 2015 and beyond. We hope that this will be the start of a longer term plan for encouraging lifelong learning for workers and better industrial relations for depot management and staff alike.
  • More access to computers: Inability to use a computer and especially the internet leaves many workers at a significant disadvantage both socially, financially and educationally.

What training would benefit members/staff at Whitley and Fullwood?

Giving members access to basic training on the internet is a minimum requirement.  So many courses available, including the basic Maths & English qualifications (including ‘Skills for life’) requires at least a basic knowledge of how to navigate the internet and use the Council’s education moodle.

Starting people off on websites that they have an interest in could be a start: i.e. the website of their favourite football/ Rugby team, family tree research and sites on how to book holidays, flights, You Tube etc – something to spark that initial interest.


By working together we can make a real difference to workers lives at the depot and Fullwood.  This does not necessarily have to come at a great cost.  However, there needs to be recognition, not just among senior management, but local managers at the depot, that the Council are committed to a new learning environment that is beneficial to the workforce.

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