Promoting Learning in Unison

Promoting Learning in Unison

Gurdeep Singh, Regional Learning and Development Organiser

Gurdeep Singh, Regional Learning and Development Organiser

Coventry City branch Union Learning Rep (ULR) Paul Hunt attended a Unison learning and education day in Birmingham in March. Please see below for a report.

A key part of being a Unison activist is taking advantage of the support and training that the union offers to help us develop. Becoming a Union Learning Rep, like other roles in Unison, comes with full training. After the stage 1 training there are numerous other possibilities. One such event was the ‘Promoting Learning in Unison’ that took place in Birmingham in March.

This was an excellent opportunity to meet other learning reps from across the region, from local councils, the NHS and other workplaces to discuss developing learning opportunities for our members and activists, and what Unison has to offer.

Unison has plenty of courses for activists for stewards and health and safety reps but also more detailed courses on issues such as handling grievances and disciplinaries. For members there are courses such as assertiveness training (we have put this course on in Coventry), help with IT skills, womens lives, budgeting skills and much more. This is perhaps a side of the union not seen by members,  however our aim as learning reps is to publicise these things and help members back in to learning.

There was a brilliant session looking at the political context in which we are currently in, linking in to union history, the struggle for the vote and key events in our movement. This was a great idea and activity to do – a reminder that whatever battles we face we are part of a long tradition of working class people that has had to fight for everything we have.

Encouraging our members to learn is good for our members, and good for our union. It can literally change people’s lives, and as learning reps we will carry on promoting the opportunities that are out there for Unison members.

Unison in the West Midlands has it’s very own learning website where members can sign up and see what courses and opportunities are available. The website can be viewed by clicking here, check it out!

If you would like more information about courses put on by Unison, or would like more information about becoming a Union Learning Rep, please contact us on the details below.

Discussing and organising for the learning agenda

Discussing and organising for the learning agenda

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