Whitley World Book Night Event – Staff flock to free book giveaway

 Whitley World Book Night Event – Staff flock to free book giveaway!


Whitley depot staff flocked to COVENTRY UNISON’s FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY on Wednesday 29th April for WORLD BOOK NIGHT 2015.

The event, set up as part of UNISON’s ‘Whitley 2015’ education initiative saw a fantastic turn out from manual workers and office based staff alike.  Staff were treated to titles from authors including:  Roddy Doyle; Mary Gibson; James Bowen and Rachel Joyce and over the course of the 3 hours well over 120 books were handed out.

Staff attend the event at Whitley Depot

Staff attend the event at Whitley Depot

We often hear how much books are going out of fashion, how we all want the modern technology of a kindle.  The evidence of our event and conversations we had with staff told a very different story.  We met people who were regular readers or occasional readers, but also those who hadn’t picked up a book for years or had never picked up a book up in their lives!

One of the best moments of the afternoon was when Lesley chatted with a member of staff who told her he didn’t read books and wasn’t really interested in starting.  Lesley persuaded him to try the Roddy Doyle ‘quick read’ called Dead Man Talking.  He reluctantly agreed and while on his break started reading.  After 10 minutes we noticed he was still engrossed in the book!

There was a lot of interest in the books

There was a lot of interest in the books

Improvements in literacy and numeracy are one of the central aims of the work we have embarked on at Whitley over the last few months.  Change will not happen overnight, but if we ever needed confirmation that events like World Book Night are vital to this process then this event has proven it.

We have said from the very start that we can’t make a success of this on our own.  Our event was ably supported by Lesley and Sorrelle from the Library service who are always willing to help and facilitate our events.  We would also like to thank our colleagues at region and UNIONLEARN/WORLD BOOK NIGHT for the books; our learning rep colleagues in sister unions and Grace Haynes for their support.

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