UNISON Learning Reps at the Council’s Lifelong Learning Steering Group

UNISON Learning Reps at the Council’s Lifelong Learning Steering Group

Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council

UNISON Coventry City branch Learning Reps are engaged in a wide range of activities to promote learning and education amongst the workforce. You may have seen us on the Beacon intranet, or in the foyer of one of the main council buildings or down at Whitley Depot whilst we have been publicising education opportunities and the benefits of being in UNISON.

Another aspect of our work is attending meeting of the ‘Lifelong Learning Steering Group’ (LLSG) that take place throughout the year.

These meetings are a type of forum consisting of the council trade unions, including UNISON, representatives of the Council who are involved in training and education, for example Workforce Development and also HR.

We look at a wide range of issues such receiving reports on training statistics (for eg who is engaged in training and what type of training), developing apprenticeships and getting people back to learning through schemes such as Skills for Life.

It is a useful forum for the unions to bring ideas to the table, raise problems / issues that have been flagged up by union members and also share good practice for getting members in to learning, education and development.

If you are a UNISON member and would like further reports of these , or issues you would like us to raise at future LLSG meetings, please email your UNISON learning reps using the details below

Mike Wallace mike.wallace@unisoncoventry.co.uk

Paul Hunt paul.hunt@unisoncoventry.co.uk


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