Join the UNISON Organising Space

Join the UNISON Organising Space


UNISON Organising Space

UNISON have launched an online ‘Organising Space’ for activists to be able to access useful information to aid their role with the union.

The UNISON website states

The Organising Space is a secure and safe online resource developed to support our activist and organising communities. It aims to support building relationships, sharing knowledge, learning and experiences.

The space allows us to share content, have discussions, ask experts and seek support from our peers.

The Organising Space encourages the sharing of content that is innovative, creative, flexible, interactive and dynamic.

Coventry City UNISON Learning Rep Paul Hunt has signed up to the Organising Space and would recommend other activists do the same. He said

Signing up was really easy, you just need your membership number. There are many useful sections and forums to view, to help aid recruitment and organising or you can ask questions to other users if you need information or advice on anything specific. The Space is no substitute to talking to other reps in the branch however it is a great addition and useful tool.

You can sign up by visiting here



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